The image is a text-only logo for Cedar Mountains University. The text is superimposed on a faded depiction of a mountain range with snow-capped peaks in the bottom right corner. The entire logo uses a monochromatic forest green color scheme, emphasizing a connection to nature and the outdoors.
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Who we are

Expert faculty with real-world experience

At Cedar Mountains University, our faculty are not just academics – they are industry experts with graduate degrees and at least 10 years of leadership experience in the field they teach. 

Many of them teach part-time while continuing to work at high levels in their professions. 

This means that you’ll be learning from people who are actively engaged in the business world and can share their real-world insights and experiences with you.

A business expert, who is also a professor, speaks confidently to a large audience in a lecture hall. The professional is dressed in a suit, engaging the attendees with his insights, highlighting his dual role in academia and industry. The attentive audience underscores the value of his expertise, blending practical business knowledge with academic teaching.
A team collaborates enthusiastically in a project-based learning environment, using colourful sticky notes on a glass wall to organise their ideas. The central figure, an experienced leader in a blue shirt and polka dot tie, gestures towards the notes, guiding the discussion. The diverse group of participants listens attentively and contributes actively, illustrating the dynamic and interactive nature of project-based learning.

Practical, project-based learning

We’re a business school, so we focus on practical, project-based learning rather than theoretical essays. 

When you need to reference sources in your assignments, we don’t care what style you use as long as it’s consistent and easy to follow. 

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so every course is based on real-world projects, with 10% formal learning, 20% social learning, and 70% hands-on learning.

Mobile first

Agile micro-learning

We know that life can be busy, and it’s not always easy to find time to study. 

That’s why we focus on mobile-first learning and micro-learning, so you can study whenever you have a few minutes free, whether you’re on the train, at your kid’s soccer practice, or waiting in line. 

Our courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, so you can make the most of your study time and learn at your own pace.

A person interacts with a smartphone, with a holographic interface displaying an AI chatbot and various communication icons, symbolising mobile-first micro-learning. The futuristic graphics and digital interface highlight the accessibility and convenience of learning through mobile devices, emphasising the integration of technology and education in a compact, user-friendly format.
A professional woman in a business setting smiles warmly as she shakes hands with a colleague, symbolising academic and industry partnerships. Her confident and friendly demeanour reflects the positive collaboration between academic institutions and industry professionals, fostering mutual growth and innovation. The modern office environment underscores the dynamic and productive nature of these partnerships.

Industry partnerships

We’ve partnered with LinkedIn Learning and a range of academic and professional institutions, such as Harvard Online, MIT, and the Center for Project Innovation, to give you access to the best thought-leaders in the world. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to acquire a complementary range of professional certifications as you progress – more than just your degree!

These partnerships ensure that you have access to the latest industry knowledge and can develop a well-rounded set of skills that will set you apart in the job market.

Cedar Mountains, UT

Cedar Mountains University LLC is accredited as a Degree-Granting Postsecondary School by the State of Utah, USA (REF: 13944658-9984).

We are proudly named after the beautiful Cedar Mountains in Utah, known for their stunning vistas, rugged landscapes, and wild horses that roam freely across the terrain.

Just as the Cedar Mountains represent the untamed spirit of the American West, we at Cedar Mountains University embrace the spirit of innovation, freedom, and the pursuit of knowledge.

A scenic view of the Cedar Mountains in Utah, showcasing a vast, open landscape with a mix of rugged terrain and sparse vegetation. Snow-capped peaks rise majestically in the background under a bright blue sky with scattered clouds, while a winding road cuts through the expansive valley below, leading the viewer's eye through the serene and untouched beauty of the region.

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