The image is a text-only logo for Cedar Mountains University. The text is superimposed on a faded depiction of a mountain range with snow-capped peaks in the bottom right corner. The entire logo uses a monochromatic forest green color scheme, emphasizing a connection to nature and the outdoors.
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Your student concierge

Your personal guide and advocate

At Cedar Mountains University, we believe that every student deserves personalized attention and support throughout their educational journey.

That’s why we provide each of our students with a dedicated Student Concierge.

Your concierge acts as your single point of contact, guide, and advocate from the moment you enroll until you graduate and beyond.

Two women are engaged in a conversation in a modern office setting. One woman, dressed casually in jeans and a blazer, holds a coffee mug, while the other woman, in a patterned dress, holds a smartphone and gestures as she speaks. They are walking together through a hallway adorned with greenery and modern office equipment. The scene suggests one woman is showing the other around, providing guidance or sharing information about the workplace. This image captures the concept of "showing the ropes," highlighting mentorship, support, and the process of helping someone acclimate to a new environment.
A hand is extended forward, palm up, holding a holographic display that centres around the term "MBA." Various icons radiate from the central circle, each representing different aspects of an MBA program. These icons include a trophy (achievement), a check mark (success), a person (networking), a graduation cap (education), a target (goals), a thumbs-up (approval), and a star (excellence). The background is dark, highlighting the bright, glowing elements of the hologram. This image symbolises the multifaceted benefits and opportunities that come with pursuing an MBA, including career advancement, professional networking, and personal growth.

Goal alignment and course selection

Your Student Concierge is there to help you navigate every aspect of your experience at Cedar Mountains University, starting with subject selection.

They will work with you to understand your goals, interests, and career aspirations, and help you choose the courses and programs that best align with your needs.

Student champion

Motivation and support

The same person who helped you enroll at Cedar Mountains University now becomes your biggest cheerleader. 

As you progress through your studies, your Student Concierge will be there to provide motivation, encouragement, and support whenever you need it. 

They will help you stay on track, overcome any obstacles you may encounter, and celebrate your successes along the way. 

Your Student Concierge is invested in your success from day one and will be your unwavering source of support throughout your educational journey.

A woman stands confidently with a determined expression, wearing a business suit and high heels. She has a pair of large, futuristic jet engines strapped to her back, emitting flames and smoke as if ready for takeoff. Her stance is powerful, with fists clenched and legs slightly apart, giving the impression of strength and readiness for action. The dramatic lighting and fiery effects add to the dynamic and empowering atmosphere of the image. This image symbolises a motivation champion, embodying drive, ambition, and the unstoppable energy to achieve great things and overcome challenges.
A close-up image shows a person wearing a red jacket, standing at the helm of a ship. Their hands are firmly gripping the wooden steering wheel, poised to navigate. The background features a calm sea and a clear sky, indicating a tranquil but purposeful journey. The image symbolises navigation, leadership, and the ability to steer through challenges, highlighting the importance of direction and control in achieving one's goals.

Student advocate and change agent

Your Student Concierge is also your administrative interface, handling all of the paperwork and bureaucracy behind the scenes so that you can focus on your studies without any distractions.

If you ever have a question, concern, or issue, your Student Concierge is your go-to resource for getting the answers and assistance you need quickly and efficiently.

They are also your change agent, actively seeking out and advocating for your rights and needs as a student. 

If you have an idea for how we can improve our programs, services, or policies, your Student Concierge will make sure that your voice is heard and that your feedback is fed directly to decision makers.

Shaping our future

Your Student Concierge is committed to advocating for the rights and needs of future students, helping to shape the direction of Cedar Mountains University. 

With your Student Concierge by your side, you can focus on what really matters: acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experiences you need to achieve your goals and make a positive impact on the world.

Have a question?

We’re here to help. We can answer your questions, help you understand your options and support you throughout the application process.